For over two decades, the lawyers at KCMJ have obtained exceptional results throughout California for a wide range of clients in matters involving disputes regarding business, copyright, real estate, the environment, eminent domain, property loss, and personal injury.  The firm’s clients are both U.S. based and internationally based, but doing business in the U.S.   Many of KCMJ’s clients are referrals from other law firms, who find comfort in sending their clients to a firm of attorneys with substantial trial experience.   KCMJ’s attorneys have successfully taken many cases to trial over the years, including being brought in on the eve of trial to provide trial expertise.  The firm’s ability and willingness to conduct a major trial anywhere in California promotes favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients, and that reputation is one of the primary reasons clients seek out KCMJ.    

KCMJ has a multidisciplinary structure that enables the firm to handle clients' special situations: When a transaction or dispute requires work in more than one area of law, the lawyers frequently collaborate with other attorneys to achieve the best results for the client.  In fact, the firm has a long history and practice of collaborating with other accomplished attorneys and small firms in the execution of sophisticated legal representation for large or complex matters.  KCMJ works as co-counsel with these professionals to add specific expertise or to demonstrate and apply strength through numbers, where necessary for the specific tasks of major litigation matters.  

 While clients seek out the firm because of its outstanding trial experience and reputation for providing the highest quality legal counsel, they are also assured that KCMJ will handle their matter in a cost-effective manner at extremely competitive rates.

 The firm remains true to its origin. It is based in Pasadena, which is a cross-road for business, including the ever-expanding area of Asian markets. The firm also has an office in Alhambra for the convenience of many of its clients from the Asian communities, and the attorneys in that office have special skill and knowledge in family law litigation and immigration issues.

The firm's philosophy of putting clients first guides everything it does.  It recognizes that clients are sophisticated consumers of legal services, and the firm’s commitment to attentive and responsive client service has brought together the resources to examine legal and business issues from every angle.  The firm thus enjoys long-standing client relationships and is proud that clients look to it as a trusted and valued business partner.  Harnessing KCMJ's experience to your goals enables you to solve your problems today and tomorrow.

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  • Mandarin spoken (Alhambra office / Tonnie Cheng)